Dental Implants in O’Fallon, IL

If you feel your smile isn’t at its best, it can make you self conscious. Dental implants can help restore your smile, and Lake Pointe Dental Group offers them!

When you come to our dental office, you can expect the highest quality care. We offer dental implants in O’Fallon, IL, delivered by our skilled team, state-of-the-art equipment, and caring staff. We treat patients like family and want to make you comfortable no matter your procedure.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that serves as a foundation for a permanent or removable tooth which matches the surrounding natural teeth. Unlike other types of dental appliances, dental implants are permanent and are designed to look and function like your natural teeth.

Dental implants have numerous advantages, including improved appearance of your smile, improved self-esteem, and improved speech. In addition to these benefits, your dental implant leads to:

  • Improved oral health – You can care for your dental implant in the same way as your other teeth – through regular brushing and flossing.
  • Improved comfort – Unlike dental appliances that might not fit well, a dental implant is custom fit and long-lasting
  • Durability – Our cosmetic dentists use the most current technology and materials to build your dental implant
  • Easier eating – Our teeth are not only aesthetically pleasant but serve a function. You will find that the amount and variety of foods you have available to eat after your dental implant surgery increases.
  • Convenience – Because your implant is durable, you will find there is less long-term maintenance unlike using dental appliances that come out. Who wouldn’t want a more permanent smile?

Can Anyone Qualify for Dental Implants?

If you have lost teeth, you are generally a candidate for dental implants. Anyone healthy enough, in most cases, to undergo oral surgery or routine extraction may be considered for dental implants. Healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant are also factors that can determine if a dental implant is right for the patient. Some conditions and diseases, however, may affect whether a dental implant is right for you, so it is a good idea to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to learn more.

Conditions which may affect whether a dental implant is right for you include suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or gum disease, cancer, radiation to the jaws, or alcoholism. If you are a smoker, the effectiveness of a dental implant may also make having an implant done a risky surgery. Be sure to talk to your your dentist and make them aware of all known medical conditions you have and what medications you take.

If you are considering a dental implant, you must be sure of the commitment you make to maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental visits both during and after the dental implant is placed.

Who Places Dental Implants?

When you visit a dentist for a dental implant, our team that is involved with placing your dental implant includes a dental surgical specialist (often called a periodontist), and an oral surgeon, or a general dentist who has trained to perform dental surgery.

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

As with any surgery, the success rates of dental implants vary by patient and where it is placed in the jaw, but generally, dental implants have a high success rate and can even last a lifetime.

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