Dental Crowns

What is a crown and why are they placed?

A crown is a restoration which covers or caps the tooth to protect the tooth from fracture and to restore it to its normal shape, size, function, and appearance. Crowns are recommended for a variety of reasons:

  • restore teeth when there is not enough remaining tooth structure to support a large filling
  • protect a weakened tooth from fracture
  • restore fractured or cracked teeth
  • cover badly shaped or discolored teeth
  • cover dental implant posts

Crowns can be made of porcelain, gold and a combination of metal with porcelain covering it. The procedure is generally requires two appointments. The first appoint the tooth is prepared for the crown. An impression is made of the prepared tooth and sent to a lab were the crown is custom made. The patient will have a temporary crown made and two weeks later the final crown is fitted and cemented.