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What Causes Tooth Loss in Adults?

tooth loss

tooth loss

For a young child, the sudden loss of a tooth means the tooth fairy will visit and leave goodies behind! Tooth loss—a cause for celebration as a child—feels far different when you’re an adult.

At best, losing a tooth means a trip to the dentist, and necessary interventions to set things right. At worst, losing a tooth may permanently affect your appearance, resulting in a loss of self esteem.

So, what can you do to protect your own smile? Here are some of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults and ways to address them. Lake Pointe Dental Group can help you protect your smile!

Gum Disease

One of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. No matter what your age, healthy gums are an essential part of dental care, and neglecting those vital structures may have devastating consequences.

The reason gums are so vital is easy to understand: your gums hold your teeth in place. If those gums are compromised by advanced disease, your teeth can loosen and eventually fall out. Dr. Harold Bean and Dr. Richard Greiff provide regular, thorough examinations at Lake Pointe Dental Group in O’Fallon, Illinois. Gum disease is relatively easy to treat in its early stages, but the longer you wait the more your teeth will be at risk. The team at Lake Pointe Dental provides cleanings, can offer advice on the best toothpastes to use in each individual case, and refer to a periodontist for specialized treatment. The sooner you schedule an appointment with Lake Pointe Dental Group, the sooner you start protecting your precious smile.

Sports Injuries

Not all tooth loss is related to poor oral hygiene or undetected gum disease. Sports injuries can also take a toll on your smile.

If you play sports, especially contact sports, you need to protect your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard is a good place to start, and there are other sport-specific dental appliances you can use as well. If you do lose a tooth playing football, hockey, or another favorite sport, prompt dental attention could restore your smile and help prevent further damage. Having a tooth knocked out is an urgent situation; your first call should be to Dr. Bean and Dr. Greiff in O’Fallon.

Unattended Cavities

In many cases, intense pain will signal you have a cavity in your mouth. When you take a drink or try to eat, the exposed nerve lets you know something is wrong. In other cases, a cavity may not be so obvious.

Sometimes cavities do not create toothache pain; that makes a problem easy to miss. Undetected or untreated cavities can lead to tooth loss. Dr. Bean, Dr. Greiff, and the Lake Pointe Dental team of hygienists detect cavities at the earliest stages when treatment is simple. It is important to see a dentist twice a year.

Do yourself and your smile a favor; schedule your next examination today. In many cases, prompt action can prevent the loss of a tooth. Even if the tooth is too far gone, you can restore your smile with dental implants.

Contact Lake Pointe Dental Group

Knowing what causes tooth loss in adults is key to maintaining good oral health and your appearance. Lake Pointe Dental Group schedules emergency exams, comprehensive exams and cleanings, and regular appointments.

If your smile has already been compromised by a prior tooth loss, Dr. Bean and Dr. Greiff will develop a treatment plan to help you recover. It is never too early or too late for quality family dental care. Request an appointment at Lake Pointe Dental Group!

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